The 48 Hour Breakthrough™

Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching is renowned for its unique and highly effective programs. The flagship of our company is The 48 Hour Breakthrough™.

This 2-day intensive workshop is unlike any other experience in the country and is available to individuals and business teams who want to remove barriers to their business and personal growth, discover better communication methods, hone their message, identify new markets and accelerate their progress on the path to success.

This flagship program is credited by countless professionals as the single most important investment they ever made in their business.

The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ - Ground Level Leadership

This flagship program –

is credited by countless professionals as the single most important investment they ever made in their business.

The 48 is unlike any other experience in the country. It is offered to executives and business owners who are ready to replace obstacles and problems with creative and strategic solutions, so they can lead teams with ease, increase revenue and experience more freedom.

This 2-day intensive includes Equine Assisted Business Coaching. There is no riding, all work is done from the ground and you don’t even have to know which end of the horse eats to get your breakthrough and build a strategy for business.

The 48 Hour Breakthrough has consistently delivered results for more than a decade.

Fundamentals of The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ – GLL

Here is a glimpse at the components responsible for this programs success. This is what you can expect at the 48 Hour Breakthrough™


Acceptance into the program is through conversation. The first step is to have a personal talk with Lora to determine if the 48 Hour Breakthrough is right for you.


The 48 will shift your thinking about your old belief systems and what is possible for your life and your business.

Not Just Horsing Around

One of the unique aspects of the 48 Hour Breakthrough is the equine coaching team. All classroom learning is supported by equine assisted exercises designed to ground what you learned.


Our clients walk away with concrete steps that they can apply immediately to their personal and professional lives and a new outlook on life.

Is the 48 Hour Breakthrough™ right for you? Your first step is signup for a FREE Business Breakthrough Session.

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The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ - 1.0

Leadership Begins With You

You broke through the barriers in the Original 48 HR Breakthrough™. Are you ready to step more powerfully into leadership with your time, money, and energy? What about your team?

This workshop is for you!

You Asked For It. We Listened!

This 2-Day Intensive is offered exclusively to alumni of the Original 48 HR Breakthrough™

Lora Newman, founder of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, llc, is pleased to introduce a 2-Day Intensive workshop for leaders who truly want to make a difference in business and in life.

The 48 Hour Breakthrough 1.0™ addresses key areas of leadership that must be developed to transform you into the kind of dynamic leader you always knew you could be. Breakthrough outdated beliefs holding you back from freedom in time and money. Experience increased energy as a result of the discoveries you made in the original 48.

Be The Kind Of Leader Others Would Follow Right Off A Cliff!

48 1.0 builds on the work of the Ground Level Leadership – 48 Hour Breakthrough™ by taking business owners and professionals deep into the dynamics of their business, their team, and their clients, to create a strategy for growth that everyone can get on board with.

Fundamentals of The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ 1.0

Our Focus: Leadership. We’ll hone and refine your skills in these areas with the goal of seeing measurable outbound results.

Leadership in Time

Time is not an external dynamic to manage, it is an internal mental dynamic once recognized gives you the power to create more of.

Leadership in Money

How you do money is how you do EVERYTHING! Develop a new relationship with money that empowers you to create all that you want.

Leadership in Your Energy Management

Managing your energy is imperative as a leader. Awareness is key and once you become aware of your inner dynamics – you can master the outer dynamics.

Leadership in Team

Leadership is about causing movement in other people and dynamics in the direction you want them to go. We begin looking at leadership of team in 1.0

The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ - Testimonials

You are here because you recognize your desire for greater results, transformation, or shift in some area of your leadership in business and ultimately, life.

Seeking answers brings a lot of questions that we can answer.

Spend 60 minutes with Coach Lora to get in the driver’s seat…driving your business to the results you desire.

In this session you will:

  • Pinpoint time and money blind spots that are costing you BIG

  • Uncover untapped opportunities for empowering your financial decisions and personal growth.

  • Learn key areas where you may be giving away your power that are draining you professionally

  • Leave the session inspired and clear about how to align your financial success  with your personal growth

  • Get the one simple next-best step to leap toward your goals

This session is for growth oriented business leaders seeking to level-up in their game.

If you are looking for the quick fix strategy that is simply a check-list, this isn’t for you.

Contact us to shift into a higher gear and be the driver of your results.


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Client Testimonials for The 48 Hour Breakthrough™:

“Go! The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ will exceed every expectation you have going in. You will get so much more out of the weekend than you ever imagined. The cost is nothing compared to the value you’ll receive. It’s incredible. Just go!”

Nathan Berberia, D.C.

Owner , The Source Specific

“The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ gave me a reboot – a chance to rearrange my priorities and get a fresh perspective on what I truly need to focus on to make my business thrive.”

Sativa Boatman-Sloan

Principal, 417 Elder Law

“I have had numerous mentors and utilized many coaching programs over the years, but I have never encountered anything like The 48 Hour Breakthrough™. That stands alone.”

Jim Hinkley

President & Founder, Environmental Business Solutions, Inc.

“You can’t afford NOT to participate in The 48 Hour Breakthrough™! Make the commitment and don’t use money or time as an excuse. You are not unplugging from the real world for a weekend; you’re plugging into a whole new world and a better way of living.”

Jane Reed

VP, HM Risk

This is what Coach Lora has to say about The 48 Hour Breakthrough™:

“I created The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ to help business leaders and entrepreneurs move out of old patterns and quickly shift into a new way of approaching life and business. During this weekend you discover what is REALLY holding you back, breakthrough it, and hit the ground running on Monday morning, clear about your direction with a no-failure strategy in hand.

We all have a stream of thought running all the time. We may not hear it outright as the volume can be very low, but the message itself is powerful. If it is a message that is not supportive to your success, it keeps us stuck in glass ceiling cycles that we can’t free ourselves from.

During the 48-Hour Breakthrough™, you will get the opportunity to confront your fears and make them disappear. You will learn to listen to YOU, to hear that voice of wisdom more clearly and make empowering decisions. You will break through the fog of emotion and mental noise to make decisions easily and quickly to stay out of overwhelm.

You will gain integrity with yourself. When we are out of integrity it simply means that we are not keeping our word with ourselves. One great example of this is telling yourself that you want to lose 10 pounds and then blow your healthy eating plan. This erodes confidence. The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ is the perfect place to uncover and define your personal code. When you get in line with your personal code and keep that integrity, you become unstoppable.

Once we’ve identified and cleared your obstacles, we will develop a strategy to increase your bottom line NOW.

The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ incorporates teaching tools and exercises unlike any program you’ve ever encountered. Your experience is supported by equine assisted coaching and learning. Please note that all our work with horses is on the ground; that means no riding, and no prior experience with horses is required. In this setting, the horses are the teachers and you are the student. Horses bring powerful breakthroughs for people. These equine assisted sessions offer participants the opportunity to put to practice what they are learning in a safe environment where the dynamics that are not working for them in life and business can emerge in a metaphor.