Compromise –
Works well in marriage and world peace. Where it doesn’t always work is in business.

What do I mean?

Being in business or being a leader in business means taking charge and making decisions, including the tough scary decisions in the face of adversity.

Goals are established and a course for the team set, suddenly a storm pops up on the horizon and revenue looks threatened. A compromise is made and the course you were once on is changed. A focus on quick money, corners cut – a compromise that takes the focus, even temporarily, off of the bigger goal.
Fear is usually the predecessor in this situation. Fear of revenue loss, fear of looking bad or perceived failure, or fear of many other things. Fear causes compromises and the bigger picture can be lost. Deep Water Horizon is a prime example of this. Compromises were made in spite of all the warnings, and well…you know the rest of that story.

Fear is a powerful dynamic, one that can captivate and paralyze. It is imperative that a leader look at all data available, listen to the team, engage the team, and fully utilize all resources available. Strong leaders have to be willing to stand for what they believe is the best course, even in the face of disagreement. This can pose a challenge at times, especially when fear shows up.

Causing movement in your organization is one thing – causing movement in the direction you want it to go and getting the results you want is leadership. Awareness of self and the strengths of your team makes causing that movement much easier. Knowing how to move and motivate yourself and others gives you the power to steer with precision.

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