Decisions come at us like baseballs at the batting cage. You either swing and hit, swing and miss, or just let the ball go by you (sometimes hit you.) Swinging and missing or just letting them go by, leads to a pile of balls behind and around you.

Unmade decisions stack up like that and turn into overwhelm at some point. Fear is usually a factor in this – fear of not knowing what to do, fear of the unknown future, fear of being wrong, fear of losing, fear of not being enough or good enough, fear of __________. Perfectionism can play a role here – perfectionism is an attitude of lack because the perfectionist is constantly focused on what isn’t enough,

Where you focus is expanding, so if you focus on not enough – you grow “not enough.”

What do you want to see grow? Focus there.

When making decisions, you want to have something to back them into so it isn’t such an arduous process. Getting clear on your values, mission, and vision or those of the company you are working for is key.

Getting those lined out leaves you with a litmus test for decisions because you suddenly can see if what is before you adds to your vision, mission, and values OR NOT.  If it doesn’t – why would you do it? This is the opportunity to look at what compels your behaviors and decisions that don’t serve your purpose.

Ever catch yourself slapping your forehead and wondering what you were thinking in a decision?  Here is the opportunity to look at WHAT was driving your decision making process and get a NEW system or process in place for decision making.

Place the vision, mission, and values of your company where you can see them everyday. If you are on a division of a larger company – you need to know what the vision, mission, and values are of that division – so you and your team can stay in alignment with the higher purpose overall. It is the series of smaller decisions that make a HUGE difference.

If you don’t have your vision, mission, and values lined out …what are you waiting for?

If you are experiencing a pile up and feel overwhelm creeping in…time to CLEAR THE DECKS!

If you are ready for a new level of clarity, the 48 HR Breakthrough offers just that.

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