Decisions are the hard right turns we take in business, well in life for that matter!

Choices present themselves in every waking moment.

Coffee or tea? (This is an easy one for me)

Which task to tackle first?

Which outfit to wear?

Get that new _____ or just repair the old one?

What decisions are next at the office?


You get the idea. Choices are always happening. You have to pay attention to what you choose and WHY you chose it. Quite often, there are underlying subconscious drivers to even the most trivial of decisions.

If you stop and think about what drives your decisions, you may find yourself thinking things like, “It’s just the way I have always done it” OR “this looked like the easiest at the time” OR “I was afraid to do otherwise” AND the list goes on and on.

Success is a series of habits and decisions. You want to be intentional and develop habits that support success. If you aren’t clear and fail to pull the trigger on something, unmade decisions pile up.

Now, you may be reading this and thinking, “Yes, yes – of course. I have to change my entire life in order to get the outcomes I want.” What if that weren’t true?

Even making the smallest shifts in habits and being consistent with them can have HUGE impact on outcomes.

For instance, how are you beginning each day? Are you waking to an alarm and hitting the ground running with your hair on fire? Thinking about all that has to be done in the day, or how you hate the miserable tasks in front of you?

What if you simply began EVERYDAY with being quiet and feeding your mind nourishing and inspiring material? What if you DECIDED early in the day that you are going to have a great day?


What do you need to choose next in order to have a great day?


What do you need to eliminate in order to have a great day?


What do you need to add in to your great day?


It is the moment to moment choices that support your bigger decisions. Developing the habit of making supportive choices to support your decisions is creating a new way of thinking…nothing more.

Ready for a new way of thinking about success?

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