The City Limits Of Overwhelm – Do you have a faith problem in your business?

Having faith in yourself impacts your confidence.  Or is it confidence impacts the faith you have in yourself?

Or is it perhaps one in the same?

Making decisions in your business can turn into overwhelm fast and in a hurry. One quick way to arrive at the city limits of overwhelm is to stack up a bunch of unmade decisions.

Decisions go unmade because of a multitude of things:

Not enough information or data

Unsure of the future

Unsure of results or outcome in either direction of the decision

Unknown variables like the behavior or response / reactions of others

Past experiences

The opinions of others (some valid and some not)

Your gut is holding you back and you don’t know why

Fear of ____________ (fill in the blank)

Fear and doubt drive more people to the city limits of overwhelm than any other dynamic.

Somewhere along the way in life, we make mistakes, we listen to others and play it safe, we feel too much risk is at stake to leap forward – WHATEVER it is – fear and doubt are in the driver’s seat to overwhelm.

This is a confidence killer and definitely causes us to lose faith in our decision making process. Confidence is defined as nothing more than trusting yourself to handle whatever happens. Each time you let yourself back down off the hook of a goal, whether is it to lose 10 pounds or lead your team to new heights of productivity, if your commitment level isn’t there and you let yourself off the hook, you begin to not trust yourself to carry through. Just like you would if someone else behaved in that manner.

In order to build self-confidence and faith in yourself, you have to begin the process of thinking differently. Thinking at a higher performance level. Thinking more straight line versus the ping pong effect most have in their decision making process. Instead of looking the all the reasons you CAN’T do something….Look at one reason you CAN!

If you have lost faith in yourself, borrow some and begin the journey out of unrealized goals and dreams.

Just like going to the gym, you have to be willing to exercise your thinking muscles. If you find yourself at the City Limits of Overwhelm, we would love the opportunity to help you put the car in reverse and speed away into clarity and freedom.

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