Leadership encompasses many facets.
Being able to hold up decisions against the vision of the company to see if the thing being decided on is in alignment.
Being in alignment with your values – personal values, professional values, and business expansion values.
Emotional maturity – keeping our own agenda out of the decisions and day to day occurrences.
Self-awareness level that recognizes your limitations and strengths.
Creating and holding space for others to be and grow.
Causing others to move in the direction that you need them to move, when they need to move.
Taking responsibility to course correct even when it isn’t directly your fault.
Holding your team members as powerful, even when they can’t.
Exhibiting courage in conversations and actions with others. Saying what needs to be said when it needs to be said.

You have to be willing to take leadership of you, who you are being and the aspects of your daily movements before others really catch on.

Polishing the gem of leadership ability takes work…are you willing to do the work it takes to be at your best. Everyone is a leader in their life – Not EVERYONE is awake to that fact.
Are you ready to wake up the inner leader that exists inside of you, get in the driver’s seat and hit the milestones of your dreams?
I hope so – we would love to help you with that. The next 48 HR Breakthrough is August 28 & 29 In Rogersville, MO.

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