Sounds like a song from Nickelback – I was recently informed by one of my younger clients
that, “Lora, nobody listens to Nickelback anymore!”
Guess it is yet another sign of my getting longer in the tooth. Hope none of the band members of Nickelback read this. Might be a revelation to them as well. I digress.

I love that song because it rings so true. In life, humans are masterful at coming up with reasons and excuses as to why they can’t __________________.
When in reality, if a human becomes committed (no matter what) – they become unstoppable and break through to what they really want come Hell or high water.
Think about a time in your life where you were unstoppable or the leader in a situation.
What keeps us from stepping into higher levels of leadership in life and business?
When I say “leadership” – I mean in all aspects of life.
There is Ground Level Leadership – LEADERSHIP OF YOU! Your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, money, time, energy, and ultimately of others like your team.
The stereotypical definition of leadership is in leading others – and leadership starts with YOU.

Part of the problem is in the brain – and it really isn’t a problem, just a structural inconvenience. We have a frontal cortex that is our executive reasoning. It allows us to ponder off into the future and plan vacations. The amygdala, however, likes to jump in and captivate our attention with fear and doubt when confronted with new situations that look unfamiliar or potentially hurtful. We build a story around that false messaging and well, 20 years later a person finds themselves wondering about that dream they let go of or that life they REALLY want. Always waiting for the right opportunity, a sign from God, the right excuse, a lightening strike, till the time is right… and the song goes on.

Ground Level Leadership is all too often overlooked and it leaves team performance at risk of not achieving it’s highest level of performance.
When you take leadership of self, your results change because you change how you see the world and your results. You take ownership of greater results because you take leadership of different actions. You learn to deal with fear, the biggest debilitation in achievement.

The truth is the opportunities have been in front of you all along. The question is, “What are you going to do with it?” What are you waiting for…REALLY?

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