Making decisions is something business leaders do much, if not MOST, of each day. The ability to make good, solid decisions that produce forward movement – and do it confidently, without second-guessing, procrastination, or waffling – is a fundamental skill all leaders should develop. I call it,  Performance Thinking.

Today I want to talk about decisions and the two most common problems I see. Incongruence and discrepancy litter the decision-making landscape and create moment-to-moment dilemmas.

A stack of unmade decisions easily leads to overwhelm, a mindset of vagueness and generalities that feels unclear and unsettling. Pulling the trigger too quickly also contributes to this mess of overwhelm in your head. Knee jerk reactions / decisions are usually the result of:

  • Hurried thinking
  • Fear of _______________(fill in the blank)
  • Pressure from those above
  • Inexperience
  • Personality that isn’t yet tempered to the position
  • Habitual behavior
  • Lack of data

This dynamic epidemic in the business world and shows up in a lot of ways.

What are signs that a leader is NOT congruent in their own decision-making process?

  • They become over-reactive to the decisions made by others, like their team, for a myriad of reasons stated above.
  • They blame the market, or those below them instead of listening and collecting supportive data that actually makes sense.

Performance thinking in business leaders is a must. Performance thinking is clear and confident. It is not confused, reactive, or vague. Becoming the leader of your own thinking, emotions, and immediate environments leads to Ground Level Leadership.

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