In psychology we look at what motivates a person. We look at “internal locus of control” OR “external locus of control.”

In today’s world, I see a lot of “external locus of control” – meaning being moved by outward influences. Great examples of this are found regularly in news and politics. Look at what the news outlets release. Events are presented in a way to provoke anger with the intention of drawing attention in the direction they wish. News outlets know this truth:  angry people are easy to manipulate – and they are masterful at using this dynamic and use it to shape opinion and create news, rather than report on it.

Another example is office drama. How captivating and time consuming is that?

We humans –  holding the ability of executive reasoning and critical thinking skills – fall easily into this thinking loop.

To break out of the loop, quite often requires you to be uncomfortable because the way you have been doing things is familiar and predictable. Even dismal results feel safe and predictable – yet, the desire is for something more in life.

Pay attention to what you pay attention to.

Fear and anger are quick ways to jump out of the driver’s seat of your own life. On the other hand, a high level of self-awareness can put you in the driver’s seat AND keep you there! Be aware of where your attention is every single moment. What things are vying for your attention, trying to shift you off course?

Where your attentions goes, so you go – and your results follow. It’s self-fulfilling prophecy of energetic flow.

REMEMBER: your focus is an investment of energy with a return on it, just like money. The return on investment (ROI) is reciprocal to the energy put into it.

EXAMPLE: you are leading a team and not getting the results you want. It is far too easy to start blaming others, the economy, the President, or anything else. Leadership is about causing others to move in the direction you want them to go. Leadership starts inside of YOU – your focus and attention.

Steps to get into the driver’s seat:

  • Pay attention to what/who you are blaming and ask yourself, “How can I pull this around into the direction I want it (or them) to go? What is my level of responsibility here?
  • Break the situation down into frames and address the places it is falling short with solutions and education. What patterns emerge?
  • ASK don’t TELL. Great leaders are good coaches. They cause the people around them to engage their frontal cortex and think.
  • Make room in the dynamic for the results you want. Constantly looking at what is wrong doesn’t change it. It only keeps you focused on the problem.
  • Are you pushing OR pulling? Big difference! It’s easier to pull a string across a table in a straight line than it is to push it.

Are you ready to get in the driver’s seat and start moving things in the direction you want them to go?

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