Have you ever noticed that we humans have a habit of putting off progress – actually holding good things out at arm’s length – until some benchmark or personal milestone is met. It sounds like this:

“I’ll think about (fill in the blank) when the kids get out of school.”

“When the kids start back to school, I’ll have time to…”

“After this next year, I think I’ll launch __________.”

“When I get my house sold, I’ll make plans to…”

“When I get past the busy season, I’ll think about…” (fill in the blank.)

“I’ll know it’s time for me to move ahead with my plan when the lights are all green on the freeway at the same time.”

“When the stars and planets are aligned, I will be ready to start.”

“I want to see what Congress does about tax reform before I start something new.”

“I’ll put my business plan into action when my fortune cookie or horoscope says the time is right.”

Any of this sound familiar?

This is called an “external locus of control” – meaning you are allowing outside sources to determine YOUR MOVEMENT, YOUR DECISIONS and YOUR FUTURE.

I hear these reasons and excuses every single day from high-functioning individuals, all claiming to want more money, time, energy or freedom.

Make no mistake: this dynamic is a confidence killer.

So, what’s really behind this behavior of procrastination? One four letter word:


It can be scary and overwhelming to take responsibility for your results and outcomes. (By the way, overwhelm is yet another dynamic we humans use to play it safe or meet some other need.)

In business, the vehicle can run out of control IF you aren’t in the driver’s seat, whether you are the actual owner of a business OR a corporate leader. Leadership is leadership, and it starts at ground level – with YOU.

In making daily decisions, start by answering these questions:

  • How does the decision at hand back into the Vision, Mission, and Values of your team or organization?
  • What is your gut check telling you?
  • What further data do you need to make an informed decision?
  • What do you need to believe in order to move forward?

Some food for thought while digesting your Cashew Chicken and reading your fortune.

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