Focus For Success

Focus For Success is a one-of-a-kind, game changing program that is different from any other program offered by Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching before.
It harnesses your focus and energy to bring greater results in any area of your life.

That you are at peace at the end of each day
Feeling like you are in the driver’s seat of life and business.

This program is designed to dive deep into who you are BEing so that you DO what you need to do, to HAVE what you want to have.

Life offers new challenges, things that derail you on a daily basis and take you further off the path to success or throwing you back into your box. There is no pill that will keep you out of the box – the truth of the matter is that success comes with focus and action on the right things.

I am so excited to tell you about this new program –

Focus For Success!

This program is designed to bring focus to the RIGHT THINGS, freeing you to solve the everyday challenges and frustrations presented to you in life and business.

Focus on the RIGHT THINGS and commitment to your goals so you take action clearly and confidently. The real power of bringing about the life you REALLY want, lies deep within you – patiently waiting to go to work. That is what this program is all about. Get on your Path To Success, get greater results, stay connected to your goals and realize your full potential! See potential derailments BEFORE they happen. Course correct early and recognize resources that are in alignment with you and your goals. Change habits and beliefs into new ones that support the new emerging you and the goals you REALLY want.

This one of a kind program includes:

  • Two class modules each month for six months – delivered by tele-class. Each class session focuses on specific psychological principles that enhance the development of your goals.
  • Two-day live retreat with the Zero2Sixty Team (48 HR Breakthrough™, 2.0, or Next Level Leadership)
  • BONUS: Facebook Group & Facebook LIVE meetings
  • Materials
  • Private Kick Start Call with Coach Lora to establish your baseline and goals to manifest
  • Coaching, Strategy, and Accountability

Stop living on auto-pilot and live intentionally.

Who is this program for?

Business leaders and executives that:
Value personal development while sharpening professional development.
Enjoy applying principles of attracting results instead of pushing toward them.
Are ready to level up and sharpen leadership in their organization.
Want clarity and confidence in moving toward their goals.