Being in business for yourself takes courage because you are putting yourself out there everyday.  Rejection happens in higher numbers than “yes’s.”

There are a lot of moving parts to master such as revenue, lead generation, sales conversations, team members,  marketing, bookkeeping, your family, personal time, and much more! I am not suggesting that you learn to do all of those things and actually do them. What I am advocating is that you have to be aware of the management of them like composing a musical masterpiece.

The biggest obstacle to composing the masterpiece of your business is right there between your ears. Your thinking process (if you have one established yet lol) Some are running on chaotic responses to external stimuli…not kidding. It happens periodically to all of us in business. Kind of like that dog in the movie, UP!  “SQUIRREL!”

We get derailed with fires to put out and the musical notes of your business masterpiece begin to slide off the page. Overwhelm sets in, the stories begin to roll in your head and influence your decisions that are needed in the moment.

Ever happen to you?

Over the years I have stayed the course, over 19 years as a matter of fact. I look back and sometimes chuckle about whether I was committed to going the distance or simply experiencing stubborn stupidity. If I answered you honestly right now – I will go with a little of both.

The fires have happened…and still do at times. The game changer is having the story that runs in your head at a low volume or silent. Having clarity in the moment to take appropriate action with focus on the right things so the results you desire are achieved, not waylaid.

Being in the driver’s seat is PRICELESS!

Would it be okay if business got easier?

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