You’re not crazy…BUT You’re acting crazy!

Focus is a muscle that must be developed.
What you focus on grows.
Where you focus is what you see.

Taking those three statements into account, let’s have a look at worrying about what you fear might happen. This amounts to throwing valuable energy into exactly what you don’t want.

What happens with investments? Whether they are monetary, energetic, time, or whatever?
YES – they have a return.

If you want a particular outcome in an endeavor, what do you want and need to focus on? Put another way, what do you want to invest in?
What you don’t want to happen – through worry and fear?
The best possible outcome and feelings around the outcome you desire?

Focus is inside job, one that you have complete control over.

When we focus on worry and fear, we tend to collect evidence that the worrisome event is coming to pass.
Conversely, focusing on the desired outcome causes a collection of evidence that the desired outcome is moving toward you.

REMEMBER – Worry and fear are never the truth (unless you are standing on the poisonous snake or are in the clutches of a T-Rex) Worry and fear diminish:

*  Your vision for the outcomes you desire
Your confidence
Your hope for something better
Your ability to think creatively

Worry and fear can become habit. Quite often, the simplest new habits are tossed aside when they run up against the stubborn old habits of fear and worry.

Why not create a new habit of creatively thinking your way out of the paper sack?

As a business leader, you hold the answers, you just have to get in the mental space to see them.

When you catch yourself in the grip of worry:

Take 3 slow deep breaths – (4 counts in and 6 counts out) This brings you out of the reptilian part of the brain and back into the executive center of the brain.

Look whatever you are worrying about in the face. Go DEFCON 5 here.

Ask yourself, “If I do everything in my power toward the desired outcome (goal) how likely is it that disaster will happen?”
Breathe again and look at the next step (just the next one) toward your goal or desired outcome.

NOW take the step and focus on what you want.

Focus takes practice, just like going to the gym and building muscle. The thinking and focus muscles must be built.

When you move into worry and fear – you are attempting to live in the future instead of the present moment. The present moment is the only one you control within your skull. Build that muscle and all else becomes a piece of cake.

Ready to get buff in the focus and thinking department to become a stronger leader?

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