About today’s post: The more appropriate and much more descriptive words I wanted to use were omitted from today’s message. To avoid tripping off adult content alarms all over the world wide web, our Web Manager recommended I not to use that word in spite of the references from other recognized sources.

No, I did not make this term up. I actually thought about the concept long ago, and there are various sources for this definition, including the Huffington Post which featured a blog about it. Read it here.

Phrase Definition: “The act of engaging in useless yet intellectually stimulating conversation, usually as an excuse to avoid taking constructive action in your life.”

Psychology Today has offered reference to it here.

So, now that you know the back story for today’s post, let’s jump into the content and straight to the point.


So, you’re asking me: Lora, how does this relate to my business and / or my life?

The answer is, I see this dynamic show up in business all the time. It shows up in the ideas flow, in the decisions that need to be made, in the pattern of inaction when faced with a decision.

Decisions come along in all sizes. What is the size of the decision before you NOW?

Some decisions are XXS, like coffee or a latte this morning? They’re not life threatening or world changing. (although you may disagree with me first thing in the morning)

Some decisions are 4X, like making a career change in your mid 40’s or filing for divorce.

The process of decision making quite often turns into a time frame of mental m- – – – – – – – – – – – .

That’s where you fantasize about the dream you have held for awhile and are afraid to truly engage it. You’re afraid to pull the trigger and make a decision to go for it. You spend time thinking about your joy and greatness in the endeavor, and yet at the end of the day take zero action in the direction you really want to go.

The first part of the process is GREAT! You see yourself in the perfect scenario living out your dream day. You live there in your head for a brief period of time throughout the day. You may even share it with others

Then…you peak or climax and boom! Down you come back into the existence of day to day reality and the doldrum you are creating.

Failure to launch happens because you believe you need:

  • Security of a J-O-B
  • A lot of money to get started
  • A PhD or more alphabets behind your name
  • More experience or schooling
  • A better pedigree
  • To get the kids out of school first
  • The planets to be properly aligned
  • Training in marketing
  • An entire staff of people to get it done


What you need is the first step. You can leap miles in just one step!

Fear inhibits you from taking the first step. What I have learned throughout the years about Launch Failure is that the first step reveals the next step. The path to your joy and greatness is never clearly plotted out – NO! If it is – YOU ARE NOT LEAPING!  You will continue to “play it safe” and constantly engage in mental m- – – – – – – – – – – , err, I mean mental self-stimulation.

Are you ready to get out of your head and be GREAT out in the world?

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Lora Newman, M.S., LPC, is a Mastery Certified Coach, and Founder/CEO of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, llc, a national company currently serving clients in 22 states and three countries. Lora has been helping Business Leaders bust through the barriers holding them back in business and in life for more than 18 years.

She has gained notoriety as the Founder of The 48 HR Breakthrough™ 2-day intensive where business leaders learn to replace obstacles and problems with creative, strategic thinking so they can increase business revenue, lead teams with ease, and enjoy more freedom.

Lora received her B.S. in Psychology from Drury University and an M.S. in Counseling from SMSU (now MSU.) She is a graduate of Coach U Coaching School, and is a member of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching. Lora holds duel certifications in EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) as a Certified Professional and a Certified Corporate Professional.