When You Shrink Back – Who Is Driving?

Today, I’m continuing a series of posts around the theme of driving – more specifically, who is at the wheel of your life? In this post, I want to examine your driving style. Let’s start with a couple of questions:

1. How are you using your strengths? Are you even recognizing and exhibiting them? Or are you shrinking back, afraid to really step into that place of strength, joy, passion, and flow?

2. Do you play the game of holding one identity professionally and another after you leave the office? What I mean is, are you stepping up and showing up fully when it concerns others, but not so much for yourself? Do you have one persona in your professional life, but become someone else when you walk out of the office?

This can go either way, I have worked with people who feel more powerful and effective at work than they do in their personal lives. And on the flip side of that coin, there are the people who feel ineffective and hesitant professionally, but more powerful personally. For whatever reason, the two facets of life do not match. There is a discrepancy in who they are between the two.

Either way, this will impact your results, both personally and professionally. We typically look at outward results and create a story about them. I call this phenomenon, “shrinking.”

What causes you to shrink back and hesitate professionally or personally?

*Worry about what others will think, say, or do
*Don’t see yourself fully in that powerful picture
*Don’t feel like you know HOW
*Worry about handling whatever happens once you step up
*Fear of _______________

Worry and fear jump into the driver’s seat. When I work with clients, they usually find that someone else’s voice is in play and ultimately driving. That someone could be from the past or present.
Maybe you put some work into self-improvement and results are shifting a little. WOULD IT BE OKAY IF RESULTS SHIFTED IN A BIG WAY?

When you are incongruent in any area of life, it impacts the other areas in life. Lifting the hood and having a look at who is REALLY driving is imperative and offers the opportunity to bring life into congruency so that you:

  • Lead a life of your choosing
  • Exhibit your strengths to lead others (this includes clients and potential clients)
  • Experience peace and freedom
  • Step up powerfully to fulfill your life’s purpose
  • Listen for YOUR voice in YOUR decisions

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