Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this a thousand times. Never give up! Platitudes are everywhere.

It may sound trite to you but wait a minute.  Let’s look a little deeper. What does the word persistence really mean?

Keep going against all odds? This can be insanity in some situations.

To keep going even when you don’t feel like it?

Sticking with something until you get it right (like piano lessons)

We naturally associate the word persistence with DOING SOMETHING, in a stubborn kind of way.

Perhaps persistence is about adopting the mental attitude of someone who has ALREADY ACHIEVED their goal.

There’s a saying that has been around as long as I have been in the coaching industry (since the early 90’s.) It is this:

BE who you need to be, so you can DO what you need to do, to HAVE what you want to have.

This is where it is easy to derail yourself in your leadership of anything, especially your goals. Maybe you get negative feedback on your way to your goal. Or no feedback – you hear crickets. Or maybe you’re afraid the outcome you want won’t happen. Then the mental attitude of shrinking back or questioning yourself and the decisions you make sets in.

Reaching your goal truly begins when you shift your mental attitude of the goal as ALREADY being achieved. This causes you to see the next step differently. Psychologically you will see what you focus on. If you focus on failure or negative feedback (and fearing its on the way) – guess what you see? Yep, you see what you fear.

Leadership Tip: Mentally hold the desired outcomes you want in spite of what is happening around you. This is persistence. Take time each day to re-connect with those desired outcomes, even if it is only for 5 or 10 minutes. This refreshes the mind to be more productive and focused on your desired outcomes and goals. And when a door appears to close, you are more able to course correct.

One distraction from persistence is adrenaline. You might say that adrenaline is the nemesis of persistence.  Adrenaline is the fight, flight, or freeze hormone. It is very useful in life threatening situations, however it is being overused these days for a quick rush to get things done. Adrenaline shows up in a number of ways, like:


Perpetually running late because of the overpacked schedule.

Procrastinating projects to the last hour and then rush to finish line.

Doesn’t sound harmful on the first pass, but when we’re talking leadership, it takes away from the depth and effectiveness you need to be the kind of leader others want to follow.

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So what did we learn today? Persistence is a key ingredient in leadership – leadership of team, money, time, and energy, or any goal in life.

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About Lora Newman:
Lora Newman, M.S., LPC, is a Mastery Certified Coach, and Founder/CEO of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, llc, a national company currently serving clients in 22 states and three countries. Lora has been helping Business Leaders bust through the barriers holding them back in business and in life for more than 18 years.
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