We have become a society driven by anger. Suppressed anger, that is. We see evidence of this every day on social media, in our schools, at work, and on the road.

Emotions drive personality. Emotions are a part of us and can’t be eliminated. When people try to deny their feelings, a disconnect of humanness happens and emotion – particularly anger – jumps into the driver’s seat

Anger is one of the most powerful of all human emotions. It is rising its ugly head and driving our national bus into the ditch. Media outlets ought to be ashamed of themselves. They sell anger by the millions of dollars and what is worse, Americans buy right into it – allowing anger to manipulate the decisions and beliefs they hold dear.

Don’t believe me?

Pay attention to your feelings after watching the evening news for several nights. What are the dominant thoughts and feelings you hold after viewing? Negativity and anger sell, right along with sex. This anger messaging carries over into our entertainment as well, reinforcing what we see in “factual” news coverage.


These are primal emotions and easily tapped into. The ugly truth is this: angry people are easy to manipulate.

Anger is a normal and healthy dynamic when properly acknowledged and focused. I find myself angry at the news outlets (all of them) for participating in self-serving political agendas (on both sides of the aisle.) Unfortunately, as long as humans run for office, there is no altruistic side of the aisle.

My quick recipe for avoiding manipulation: FILTER what you see, read and listen to. It’s a simple fix and takes determination.


This same dynamic shows up in business. In over a decade of breaking business leaders through the barriers that hold them back – I realized that quite often there is a hidden driver causing undesired results in their life and business.

Business leaders take notice when their expectations are not met, or results do not happen. The tendency is to think the strategy is faulty and another, stronger strategy is needed. OR the economy is at fault, or the team, or some other reason. The EXTERNAL reason a business is performing poorly is always in the spotlight.  The notion that these results are happening because of an INTERNAL dynamic at work in the leader is rarely acknowledged. It’s shoved into the closet of the mind.

What leaders discover in the 48 HR Breakthrough are those underlying events, those dynamics and emotions that have been driving undesirable results in their life and career. Now, I am not necessarily referencing traumatic childhoods. It can be anything. It’s amazing what can REALLY hold you back in your career.

I once worked with an attorney who was fired from a position years earlier. Some ugly things were said to this attorney, and they stuck with him. Those ugly words drove his decision making and results later in his own practice. Nothing big and explosive there, just an event that impacted this attorney far more than he knew, and influenced his life going forward. Once we identified the incident and dealt with it, he was freed to think differently and make new decisions. The whole process was accomplished in less than 48 hours.

What about you?
Are you ready to:
Get greater results with less effort?
Be freed from hidden aspects likely lurking in the background of your thinking patterns?
Lead teams with ease and experience more freedom?
Become the leader you know you REALLY are deep inside?
Feel effective personally and professionally?

Here are some steps you can take RIGHT NOW to begin freeing yourself:
  • Pay attention to what you are paying attention to – are you flipping on the news to get your daily dose of anger?
  • Pay attention to how you are FEELING – this can show you WHO or WHAT is driving you and your results.

REMEMBER: Just because you think it and just because you feel it means ONLY THAT – you are feeling and thinking it. It does not necessarily mean that the story accompanying the feelings and thoughts is TRUE.

If you or someone you know is ready to experience business coaching that transcends systems, check out the 48 HR Breakthrough.

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Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching works with leaders and business owners to replace obstacles and problems with creative and strategic solutions. Sometimes, horses are used to get this job done. There is no riding, all work is done from the ground, and you don’t even have to know which end of the horse eats to have a breakthrough and build a strong business strategy.