The first step in leadership, effective leadership is to take leadership of self.
Leadership gets confused at times. Some think that leadership means others are following you directly. That you have team or office staff working for you.
If you have clients or customers in a solo practice, you are leading.

Leading means you know yourself. Your strengths and weaknesses. You can hold others as powerful in their moment of doubt instead of buying into their story they are feeding themselves out of fear.
Knowing yourself means you know when you are feeding yourself a story out of fear and playing small rather than stepping into the greatness you know exists in your heart.
Leading yourself means you recognize when you need to let yourself off the hook and show some grace.
Leading begins with you. When you are acutely aware of the human that is YOU, you can then more easily move others in the direction you want them to go – instead of their thoughts and opinions moving you.

How much credence do you give into the thoughts and opinions of others?

Who is really in the driver’s seat?

What are your strengths? Focus and move from there.

Be the person others want to follow. Boldness, confidence, compassion, and the ability to course correct when needed are the beacons others see.

Confidence is the ability to trust yourself no matter what happens.

When you don’t trust yourself to handle whatever happens, confidence erodes. It usually happens slowly over time and you wake up one day wondering where it went. Feeling like you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way in life.

Building it back is a process as well. Trust is not re-gained overnight. You are the number one person you need to trust.

Are you ready to KNOW THYSELF?

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