What play is happening on your stage? What I mean is the stage playing out in your mind’s eye each and every moment.

I once heard a gentleman say, “If your mind went blank, how would you know?” HE IS SO RIGHT!

You move through each moment of the day with a stream of thought running through your head. This stream of thought is keeping your focus on the things, subjects, and dynamics that support the cast in that play.

This holds the identity you hold of yourself and the world around you in place. You see yourself as:





Business Owner

Dog Trainer



Someone that can’t get ahead

A winner

Pick a title because everyone is running a myriad of identities at any given moment. I have heard people say, “I can’t be myself around “so and so” – have you ever felt this way? The identity you hold in the presence of one person may not be the identity you hold in the presence of another person.

My work is done in the realm of helping individuals in the business world change who they are being and the results they get in the presence of their business and their lives.

Whenever you set a goal or an intention, pay attention to what you are paying attention to.

The supporting actors in your play show up – show up to keep whatever story theme they have been running your entire life in play. To deviate from that theme will cause you to derail.

For example:

Write down your big goal – I mean the stretch goal that makes you sweat. The goal that makes you think, “how in the Hell could I achieve that!?” OR Envision how you want your team running and you think, “how in the Hell can I get that done!?”

Now, notice all of the reasons you are seeing on the stage of your mind as to why that is not possible for you right now.

What if none of that were true?

What if you could disappear it?

What if you could debunk that story line and change the script?

What if you could achieve what you REALLY want THIS YEAR? Or at least be well on your way.

You see, the actors on the stage of your mind’s eye are playing out unconscious beliefs that we all have. These are developed along the path in life. It doesn’t mean you had a bad childhood or some trauma. Even though some have – it only means the programming has you playing out a belief system in your mind.

Some believe that in order to be successful, you have to work hard and struggle when the contrary is true.

Some believe that success is only for others – this is one of my old story lines that I kicked out.

Until you are ready to look inside and let go of the story lines you are playing out on the stage of your mind’s eye, they will continue to run the show of your life and business.

If you sit and think about it – what themes are playing out in your life and business?

Is it a theme of drama and distraction? Struggle and Strife? Love and loss?

You have the power to change the script – if you are willing to do the work of looking within and re-writing the script.

This is the work we do at Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching – helping people like you change the story line, the themes, so they can go on to experience increased success and freedom.

AND we get the job done in about 48 hours.

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