A message from Coach Lora

Thank you for watching the webinar! I’m still wondering…

Are you charging what your Equine Assisted / Facilitated work is worth?

Have you ever felt the only thing stopping you from increased profits is knowing HOW to price and sell?

You know that if the horses could speak for you, clients would ‘get it’ and quickly enroll in your Equine Assisted/Facilitated sessions. Because the horses bring healing and growth, and yes, a miracle or two, to every client who gets to participate in a session with you.

Ready to stop dreaming about it and make it a reality?

Yes?  YES!

Then, here are a couple of options for you…

If you are ready to dive in, get into action and GET RESULTS –
JOIN Confident Pricing & Powerful Selling Conversations!
6 Weeks To Overcoming Undercharging!

In six short weeks we can have you in action – talking confidently to prospective clients about your services and fees.

  • 6 LIVE Tele – Classes with Coach Lora (all classes will be recorded for replay)
  • Worksheets for: simple pricing and calculating what your time is worth.
  • Templates for: confident sales conversations, the value you bring to the table, the cost to your client in not hiring you
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Private 30 Minute Strategy Session with Coach Lora
  • Guide to developing powerful testimonials and strong social proof of your fees

If you just want to put a toe in the water to simply identify what is in the way of your profits and get the next best steps for your pricing and selling – I invite you to book your Pricing Assessment Session with me.

BONUS! Should you decide to enroll in the Confident Pricing & Powerful Selling Conversations class, we will apply the investment of this session to class tuition. This is my personal gift to you.

My goal is to get you moving confidently in your pricing and selling. It is VITAL that we get our heart centered work out there! These two offers allow you to be empowered to do just that.

“Working with Lora has reframed the way I think about money and the way I approach conversations around pricing and accepting payment for my services. It was such a realization!”
Brenda Becker, Mental Health Professional, EAGALA Certified, California