Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, llc, is the Premier Equine Assisted Leadership
Coaching & Training Organization In The World.

We are the experts who are called in when:
Leaders and businesses are stuck and strategies aren’t getting results.
Mergers or new processes are being integrated.
Greater efficiencies, productivity, and profitability are desired.
Communication fails between teams, customers, and leadership
Horses show leaders where the gaps are causing lack luster results.

Coach Lora’s Story

I began my coaching career over 18 years ago with a profound belief in being a mentor that pulls leaders forward through the distractions and noise that occurs daily, taking them off of their game. You really are far more powerful than you realize. It is simply a matter of clearing the decks and regaining focus on the right things.

I sought out methods that were powerful and effective so when I discovered Equine Assisted Business Coaching, I added magic to an already robust program. Horses are honest communicators that are masterful at showing leaders where they need to strengthen communication dynamics for greater results.

If you’re curious to learn more about our programs, I’d love to speak with you about them.

Has This Ever Happened To You?

My horse ate my client’s team right in front of us! You read that right. What do I mean? Horses eating people? Some of my clients declare this loudly, but the truth of the matter is – yes, horses eat humans metaphorically speaking. Here’s what happened- During this...

Today’s Leadership Tip: Courageous Conversations

Leadership is causing movement in the people and dynamics, such as time, money, energy, and team, into the direction that you wish them to go. With this in mind, it is imperative that your words and actions are clear and meaningful with the meaning you truly intend....

My Face Palm Moment & Your Business

I messed up...During the Holidays I sent you a series of action steps so you can begin the shift toward building the business you really want. I was reflecting over the class and series of emails and had a face palm moment. I realized I didn't give you a way to pull...

Less is more – Really

The Rush to the DeadlineRacing the clock to the meeting…why waste time by being early?The hassles and issues that suck up your time.All indicators of an adrenaline lifestyle.On the surface it looks like you are busy, productive, and important – underneath...

Leadership Tip:

Your reactions reveal where you live emotionally and psychologically and ultimately, impact your results in business. Your attitudes and beliefs about the people around you – clients, customers, your team and even the market influence your decisions and impact the...

What is Leadership?

Simple definition: Leading is about causing movement in people and dynamics in the direction you want them to go. It is not about pulling, cajoling, manipulating, or forcing. It is about empowering, inspiring, and expansion. Whether you are a solo-preneur or in charge...

Decisions and the Fork in the Road

Have you ever arrived at a fork in the road and had to make a decision? You stand there looking down both ways and are just not clear on which way to take. How do we arrive there? Maybe it’s a bright shiny object that grabs your attention. Or you pulled the trigger on...

Stop The Mental Self-Stimulation

About today’s post: The more appropriate and much more descriptive words I wanted to use were omitted from today’s message. To avoid tripping off adult content alarms all over the world wide web, our Web Manager recommended I not to use that word in spite of the...

Decisions are supported by moment to moment choices.

Decisions are the hard right turns we take in business, well in life for that matter! Choices present themselves in every waking moment. Coffee or tea? (This is an easy one for me) Which task to tackle first? Which outfit to wear? Get that new _____ or just repair the...

The Four Letter “F” Word To Use In Business

Time is one of those concepts that is much like money….everyone wants it and yet, it’s easy to create a scarcity of it. The irony is that it is just as easy to create an abundance of it as it is to create scarcity. Focus In business, you can be rocking along great and...

At first, I was uncomfortable with the idea of this 2-day intensive. I don’t have experience with horses and couldn’t imagine HOW horses would help me have breakthroughs in my business.

I quickly realized that this 2-day intensive is meant to benefit me and my business in profound ways. I shoved that uncomfortable feeling aside and jumped in, and I’m so glad I did!

In the insurance industry we have classes and coaching available, but nothing like this!”

On working with Horses…

“I found them (the horses) to be amazing teachers and look forward to every arena session with Lora, Tim, and the horses.

Nothing is more humbling and eye-opening than working with animals of that magnitude and realizing the intelligence they possess and their willingness to work with us to gain better insights about ourselves and how we can improve in business.

When you walk into the area you are under the mistaken impression that you are in control of the work and how it will unfold. The horses quickly let you know that they are in control and expect you to treat them with respect. This was a powerful lesson for me in how to approach people, including my clients and my team, and I think my experiences with the horses have helped me build a better team and business overall.

Since the 48 HR Breakthrough ™ 2-day intensive, I have regained 10 hours in my work week and hired 2 new team members. My revenue has jumped by six figures. That is a GREAT return on my investment!

Bradley Daniels

Insurance Agent, Shelter Insurance Agent, Missouri

Lora recognizes opportunities and door that I should go through before I do, and she pushes me, always for my own good. Excuses only cover fear. ‘I don’t have time, I can’t afford it, my weekends are booked, etc.’ All of those statements are based in fear. Bring your fear to the 48 Hour Breakthrough and leave profoundly changed… They showed me that I over think when I interact with people. The horses taught me how to better communicate with everyone I encounter.

Jim Hinkley

President & Founder, Environmental Business Solutions, Inc., Oregon

When I began coaching with Lora, I was ready to expand my law practice. That included a location change as well as adopting some ideas to help me sustain growth. Lora was the 3rd coach I have worked with over the years. The other two coaches were specific to the legal industry. Lora is so different. She lights a fire under me and helps me set goals so that I take action. My previous coaches talked big picture and gave me check lists, but I got nowhere. Lora set some limits, helped me prioritize and get it DONE! In the first four months I worked with Lora, I got farther with my business than I did with my previous two coaches combined.

Connie Aschenbrenner

AttorneyAnchorage, AK

When I began, I remember telling Lora that I wanted to start coaching once everything in my life was running smoothly and I could spare the time. What I realize now is that Lora showed up at exactly the right time. I didn’t need to get everything sorted out before I started coaching; that’s the point of coaching! The accountability has made all the difference. When you work with Lora, she gets to know you and your business and all the little details. You are not a face in the crowd. You have a personal sounding board.

Sativa Boatman-Sloan

Attorney, Missouri

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