48 Hour Breakthrough™

Discover the 2-Day Personal Leadership Intensive That Will Clear The Way For You To Increase Revenue, Lead Teams With Ease, and Experience More Freedom.

The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ Is A 2-Day Intensive Workshop For Business Owners Who Are Ready to Achieve Game-Changing Results Like These:

  • Hitting the revenue goal you’ve set for yourself
  • Getting the right stuff done so you experience greater freedom & less stress
  • Discover your high-performance leadership style so you can hustle less and achieve more
  • Solving team issues that are bogging you down from achieving your revenue goals
  • Creating high performance teams that add to your company’s growth and make achieving your goals possible


The 48 HR Breakthrough™ Ground Level Leadership is the flagship program of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching

It is credited by countless professionals as the single most important investment they ever made in their business. The 48-Hour Breakthrough ™  is offered throughout the country throughout the year. Attendance is restricted to no more than 10 participants per workshop, so that they can gain maximum benefit and personal attention from our team.


The results: Life changing








The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ 2-day intensive includes Equine Assisted Business Coaching. Don’t worry. There is no riding. All work is done from the ground, and you don’t even have to know which end of the horse eats to get your breakthrough and build a strategy for business.


Horses are honest. They interpret the intentions and body language of humans better than we do. They are incapable of deception and have been utilized for decades to help humans learn invaluable lessons (mostly about ourselves.)

Horses reveal how we communicate and how we are perceived by others. Our Equine Coaching Team is one of the most valuable – and most popular – aspects of The 48-Hour Breakthrough™.

The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ leadership intensive is offered throughout the country. Attendance is kept to no more than 10 participants per workshop so that you get maximum benefit and personal attention from our 48-Hour Breakthrough™ Leadership Coaching team.

What is possible for YOU and your business?

“Since the 48 HR Breakthrough ™ 2-day intensive, I have regained 10 hours in my work week and hired 2 new team members. My revenue has jumped by six figures. That is a GREAT return on my investment!”

Bradley Daniels

Shelter Insurance Agent, Missouri

The exercises we did with the horses were fascinating. I didn’t know what to expect and doubted that a horse could be helpful to me. However, the horses taught me how to listen. Being outside and getting their feedback was amazing. And unexpected. Since the 48 HR Breakthrough™, my business revenue has taken a jump! We are experiencing consistent five and six-figure contracts, in fact, I’ve had to hire more team!

Tony Lee

Electrical Contractor, CEO of CCI of Arkansas, Inc. Little Rock, AR

I feel more grounded and centered around the value that I bring to my clients and the business world. I’m not afraid to step out anymore.

My business took an immediate six-figure + jump within 60 days after the 48 HR Breakthrough™! My team and I are on fire!

Liz Letson, M.S., LPCC

Mental Health Professional, Eagle Vista Ranch, Minnesota

How Your Business or Company Will Benefit When You Attend The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ Leadership Intensive

As a business owner or emerging leader inside a corporation, your performance isn’t measured just by ‘showing up’; it’s measured by the results you achieve. Is this you?

  • You’re working long hours & your kids don’t recognize you anymore
  • Your revenue is flat-lined, and it feels like you’ve hit an income ceiling
  • The ads and strategies you spent time developing still aren’t getting the results you want
  • The revenue goal you have for your business or company always seems out of reach compared to the day-to-day challenges demanding your attention
  • Having money conversations is your least favorite thing to do and you wish it were easier
  • You’re wearing too many hats and going home exhausted and stressed each day

Are you ready to be a high-performance leader in your business? 


The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ is right for you if you are ready to be a high-performance leader and achieve your revenue, team and lifestyle freedom goals!

Get your complimentary Business Breakthrough Session to discover how the 48-Hour Breakthrough™ Leadership Intensive can help you achieve the game-changing revenue, team and lifestyle freedom results you want for your business.

Schedule your complimentary Business Breakthrough Session to discuss what the 48-Hour Breakthrough™ can do for you and your business.








Learn More About The 48 HR Breakthrough™ From It’s Creator, Lora Newman, M.S., LPC, Mastery Certified Coach








The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ right for you if you are ready to experience more freedom and revenue in your business!

Schedule your Business Breakthrough Session to discuss what it can do for you and your business. 

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