About Zero2Sixty


Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, llc, is the Premier Equine Assisted Leadership Organization in the World.

We combine knowledge and expertise in business training, mental health, animal behavior, and business coaching to provide dynamic programs for individuals to corporate teams that are designed to deliver rapid results.


Currently, Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching serves clients in 15 U.S. states. We offer programs to these core groups:

Corporate Clients:

After years of belt tightening, corporations have discovered that an investment in staff – when done correctly – reaps benefits not only in a company’s bottom line, but in morale, loyalty, productivity and employee retention. This is no longer viewed as a luxury expense. It is vital to the growth and forward movement of any business.

Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching is uniquely equipped to address the needs of organizations of all sizes, and to a wide variety of business sectors. We offer programs tailored to the unique needs of each client. Services include: Leadership Training, Management Skills, Effective Communication, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Ideation Sessions, Problem Solving, Messaging Workshops & Branding & Marketing Retreats. Whatever your need, we can deliver a program that helps you get the desired results.

Small Business:

Small business is the backbone of the economy. We understand the dynamics of small business and excel at helping Owners and Managers keep their companies growing, vibrant and strong. We specialize in sharpening company dynamics, helping you hire staff, identify growth opportunities, clarify your message, improve communication, and market your business. Everything we do revolves around keeping you true to your core mission, while moving forward with grace, ease and joy.


Being the master of your own universe is exciting, rewarding and, sometimes, overwhelming. At Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, we have an affinity for mavericks. We want you to succeed and we offer programs to help you in every facet of your business – from developing your vision, to marketing, to helping you hire team, to scaling up to the next level. We are masters at guiding Entrepreneurs along the Road to Success, and helping you achieve results fast!

Whatever your need, or business size, Zero2Sixty has programs to help you succeed!